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About Us

Mission Statement

Wilshire Crest Elementary School is a mid-city school that provides equal access to a quality education for all students. Our mission is to create an environment where all children, including those with special needs, can achieve their maximum potential through the positive support of our community, parents, staff, teachers, and students.


We envision a school where all children are inspired to learn and grow in wisdom and understanding. 


We, the stake holders at Wilshire Crest Elementary, believe that our students can achieve high standards and meet high expectations. 

We believe that all students should learn in a positive, safe and supportive environment in which diversities are valued.

We believe that all our educators must maintain a high level of competency and integrity.

We believe that parents, teachers, and community personnel are vital in the successful implementation of the core curriculum and student learning standards. 


Built in 1923, Wilshire Crest has been your neighborhood school in the Brookside (originally Wilshire Crest), Sycamore Square, Miracle Mile, and Longwood Highland neighborhoods for more than 80 years. 

National Board Certified Teacher Program

National Board Certified Teacher Program
Certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) is one of the most significant achievements a teacher can attain. The Los Angeles Unified School District has the largest contingent of National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) within California and is committed to encouraging the pursuit of National Board certification; a major form of job-embedded professional learning, and to providing opportunities for NBCTs to grow as teacher leaders.
We are pleased and honored to have four National Board Certified Teachers on our staff.


Expanded Transitional Kindergarten Program

Transitional Kindergarten, or TK, is year one of a two year Kindergarten program.  TK provides an early childhood education program that builds a bridge between preschool years and traditional Kindergarten. With increasing academic demands and structure in Kindergarten, some parents are aware that their child may not be ready for the traditional Kindergarten program.  In addition, beginning in the 2015-2016 school year, a Transitional Kindergarten Expansion Program (TK-Ex) for younger children will be offered at selected schools.